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When an unprepared bachelor finds himself with custody of magical orphans, can he navigate a Faerie noble, an evil witch, and parenting a toddler?

Charles Henderson “Chip” Proctor’s life is filled with cash, supermodels, and success. Enjoying the fast lane of the wealthy elite, the prominent NY investment executive can’t believe it when his brother and sister-in-law die in a car crash that makes him guardian of their children. And it just gets worse after he discovers his four-year-old niece and six-month-old nephew are the secret half-Fae heirs to an enchanted throne.

Rose Eldersdottir is furious. It’s bad enough she was passed over to bear the future queen, but now she’s stuck dealing with the little ones’ new caregiver—their odious mortal uncle. And the warrior princess struggles to balance teaching the fool about Fae and tracking down her sibling’s murderer.

Struggling to work with the kids’ supernatural aunt who thinks she’d be a better parent, Chip’s jet-setting lifestyle wobbles in the face of his new responsibilities. And as Rose laments the man’s lack of discretion, she fears he’s one blunder away from getting them all killed.

Is this newly formed family unit doomed?

Unlikely Guardian is the fun, action-packed first book in the Uncle Chip Saves the Fae urban fantasy series. If you like floundering heroes, surprising twists and turns, and the start of a slow-burn romance, then you’ll love Jamie Davis’s pint-sized, big-hearted adventure.

Buy Unlikely Guardian to fall into fatherhood follies today!

Audiobook narrated by Stacy Gonzalez and Roberto Scarlato. The audio is delivered via BookFunnel for listening on the BookFunnel free app.


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