The Nightingale’s Angel Audiobook


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An Angel, a Valkyrie, and a Vampire Army in the 1850’s Crimea.

Someone is harvesting souls from the battlefields of the Crimea, turning dying soldiers into a vampire army. The leaders of nearby Constantinople are calling in the hunter clans to cleanse the area of the threat, even if it means killing all the law-abiding creatures living among their human neighbors.

British nurse, Florence Nightingale, summons her old friend, an angel and fellow nurse, to find the source of the vampires in her hospital. Ashley Moore, together with her Valkyrie sister, Ingrid, begins the hunt for clues among the Crimean War battlefields. They must track down the leader of the vampires and stop his plans to alter the balance of power in all of Europe and Asia before it’s too late.

This spinoff from the best-selling Extreme Medical Services series by author Jamie Davis, is an exciting look at the past of popular character Ashley Moore. Ashley, an angel who travels through history, helps the best healers in each age bridge the gap between the human and paranormal worlds.

Click now to buy “The Nightingale’s Angel” an exciting, short paranormal adventure novella, and book 1 of the brand new Eldara Sister series.


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