Extreme Medical Services Ultimate Audiobook Bundle

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10 Audiobooks — One LOW Price!

Tops in his Paramedic Academy training…

…didn’t prepare him for Station U.

What was more dangerous, the supernaturals or his boss?

Dean needed to learn street medicine fast. He’d trained to help humans, but he wasn’t prepared for injured fairies and monsters. Still, he was smart, willing to learn, and more than anything, incredibly curious to learn about this whole new world he didn’t know existed.

Would it get him killed?

She’d been at this job a while and was less than enthused to be given a new probie. There was always a lot going on, but Brynne has something on her mind. What happened to her old partner?

In the dark of night…

…a society few humans know, thrives.

And someone wants to bring them down.

You’ll love this supernatural medical thriller, because the fast-paced life of an EMT is better in the world of vampires and mythical creatures..

In this Bundle you will receive the following books in Audiobook form:

  • The Vampire and the Paramedic (prequel)
  • Extreme Medical Services (Book 1)
  • The Paramedic’s Angel (Book 2)
  • The Paramedic’s Choice (Book 3)
  • The Paramedic’s Hunter (Book 4)
  • The Paramedic’s Witch (Book 5)
  • The Paramedic’s Nemesis (Book 6)
  • The Paramedic’s Doom (Book 7)
  • The Paramedic’s Amazon (Book 8)
  • The Paramedic’s Sorceress (Book 9)

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