Star Deputies

Star Deputies

By Jamie Davis and Michael Anderle

Series: Lone Wolf Squadron

Alien Mercs, Risky Undercover Ops, and A New Interstellar Threat

Saving the Federation Frontier is always harder than it looks.

Marshal Ward and his misfit deputies are stretched thinner than ever before. His greatest fear is they’ll break before they succeed in bringing down the Uuru Skaine Consortium once and for all.

Add in an alien clan war on the frontier borders, and a strange new group of allies… Well, let’s just say there’s a lot for our Lone Wolf Squadron to do.

But those pilots don’t shy away from danger. They’re ready for whatever comes their way. It’s who they are.

After all, they’re Star Deputies!

Join our hero pilots in Star Deputies, book 9 in the Lone Wolf Squadron series. Order now!

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