Cluster Command

Cluster Command

By Jamie Davis and Michael Anderle

Series: Lone Wolf Squadron

A New Ally, A Clan War, and More Colonies in Peril

Guarding the Frontier Gets Harder All the Time.

The pilots of Lone Wolf Squadron stretch their resources to the breaking point. Colony ships continue to enter the Dervas Cluster, despite the danger from tribal raiders. When a clan war breaks out, it only magnifies the danger.

A new ally might hold the key to brokering a peace with some of the Cluster’s clans. Can Charli and Lindy seal a new treaty and friendship at the same time?

The Marshal and his misfit deputies are once again flying out at the sharp end of the spear, risking it all to save some of their former enemies.

Join our hero pilots in Cluster Command, book 8 in the Lone Wolf Squadron series. Claim your copy today!

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