Interstellar Justice

Interstellar Justice

By Jamie Davis

Series: Lone Wolf Squadron

Old Villains, New Enemies, Same Squadron of Misfits.

Beau and the pilots of Lone Wolf Squadron have settled into their Marshal duties on the Federation Frontier.

Now colonies old and new call out for Lone Wolf Squadron to bring justice. On a wing and a prayer is the order of the day as they take on evil at the edges of civilization once again.

When the chance to uncover the Kratch home world pops up, it will take a crafty plan and a unique skill to take out the cyborg assassins.

Throw in Beau’s old nemesis resurfacing, and the squadron will have to call on all their old friends to win before Barkley Barrett gets his revenge.

Will friendship be enough to overcome the odds stacked against the squadron? Or does fate have another ending in mind?

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