By Jamie Davis

Series: Lone Wolf Squadron

Misfit Pilots, Missing Colonists, and Murderous Mercenaries

The frontier is beginning to feel like home for the ragtag team who came together to fight the good fight and found a family in the process. Commander Beau Ward must take the fight to the pirates to rescue the rest of the colonists.

To succeed, he needs a bigger team.

The Admiral assigns the men Beau needs, but the newcomers are, unsurprisingly, misfits with a secret of their own that could compromise the entire mission.

Meanwhile, Katy has a different kind of miracle to pull off. One that draws attention from all the wrong places…

With increasing danger on every front, can Beau pull the squadron together in time to win the battle and bring the colonists home?

Lone Wolf Squadron might have won the initial battle, but they still could lose the war.

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