Cozy Vales Scribes and Summer Tales From Cozy Vales on Episode 211

This is the Books and Authors Fantasy and Sci-Fi Podcast Episode 211 with the Cozy Vales Scribes.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Books and Authors Fantasy and Sci-Fi Podcast! Co-hosted by Jamie Davis and Scott Walker, this podcast is exactly what the title says it is: a show focused on SF&F books and the authors creating them!

We’ll cover Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and everything in between. Expect to find the best and brightest authors from all corners of the SF&F book world. Plus, we’ll add in a few other very special guests as well along the way.

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Our guest this week are Rebecca Buchanan, Phillip Sanderson, and Scott Walker.

Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the Pagan literary ezine Eternal Haunted Summer and is a regular contributor to ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle. A complete list of her published poems, fairy tales, and other stories can be found at


Phillip Sanderson has wanted to write since he was six. In a detour, he became a high school math teacher. He and his wife live in southeastern Virginia where they raised four children and cycle whenever they can. When not grading papers, reading, or imagining new worlds, Phillip is often playing guitar. Learn more at



L.A. Scott currently writes cozy fantasy and urban fantasy, though he’s been spinning stories and weaving worlds for decades. When not writing, he loves playing D&D, dressing up as a Star Wars Sandtrooper for Halloween, baking sourdough bread, and playing video games. Explore his books at


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