Sector Force

Sector Force

By Jamie Davis

Series: Lone Wolf Squadron

Tardex is safe and the Marshals of Lone Wolf Squadron stand down for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Needless to say, the frontiers of the Etheric Federation don’t stay peaceful for long.

The growing squadron must battle sinister forces threatening their part of the frontier.

A delegation arrives from a neighboring system to request aid from Commander Beau Ward and his pilots. The powerful corporation that owns their contracts is cheating the people into owing the company more than they earn.

What will it take to help them gain their freedom from indentured servitude?

Beau must hold onto the gains he’s made in Tardex while extending the squadron’s protection over another star system.

It won’t be easy for our favorite collection of misfits. But when you live life on the edge, nothing ever is.

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