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Summer of Books, Books, and More Books!

So much as been going on and I’m ramping up book production for the Fall. Look for a slew of new books coming out starting in mid-August and continuing through the end of the year.

There’s a brand new Urban Fantasy adventure/thriller series plus something new and different. Stay tuned here to this blog to stay up to date. 

Accidental Raider Swashbuckling FantasyIn the meantime, Don’t forget Accidental Raider is out.

This rollicking swashbuckler fantasy tale is a perfect summer read at the beach.

That’s where you can imagine being a young pirate captain on the high seas!

Pick up Accidental Raider now!

Available now in all ebook stores and eReader platforms!

Free books for your summer readingSearching for your next favorite story?

100+ Free Books in this story bundle giveaway –

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of free Urban Fantasy books.

These are available for free for a limited time. Check them out!


Get the rest of my books!

Some of you may not have caught up with my other series yet. You can visit my website for links to get the rest of the books I’ve written. You can also scroll down and check out links to all my books at the bottom of this email.

Follow me on BookBub!It’s a great way to keep up on new book releases (and it helps me get great promo opportunities to share my books at deep discounts for readers).

Click the link below and follow my author page there!


Jamie Davis 


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    1. Pulling out of KU was a difficult decision. There have been recent changes with how Amazon handled author accounts in Kindle Unlimited that worried me and forced me to refocus on putting my books in a broader, more stable marketplace.

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