A Look At Where the Writing Magic Happens

Jamie's writing desk photoSome people in the Facebook group asked about where I write my books these days. I took this photo to share a look at what I see every day when I sit down to write.

In the photo are the rapier and dagger set I bought for the cover photos used in the Accidental Champion Series. It’s nice being a fantasy author. I get to write off swords! What else do you see in this photo that you have questions about? Go ahead and reply in the comments below and ask away! I’m an open book, lol.

I’m hard at work on the next Extreme Medical Services series book. The working title is The Paramedic’s Sorceress. How do you like that?

It picks up just a few weeks after the end of The Paramedic’s Amazon which came out last month. I’ll be posting some snippets and excerpts soon so keep an eye out here and over in the Fun Fantasy Readers Facebook group.

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One Reply to “A Look At Where the Writing Magic Happens”

  1. So glad to get the short story book. Always waiting anxiously for the next adventures of the EMS gang.

    I was in Annapolis last week for a beautiful wedding on the Severn River. Only a few of those pesky insects flew by during the ceremony.

    Hope you are having a good summer. Be safe also.

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