My Fantasy Books and the Numbers 29, 34, and 6! – Jamie Davis

My Fantasy Books and the Numbers 29, 34, and 6!

29 – That’s the number so far.
29 books and audiobooks on sale right now. (You might be eligible for a free audiobook here.)
If you add in the free books and stories offered only to my newsletter subscribers the number is really 34. (You have to ask if you want the extras.😉)
So a huge thank you to my family, friends, collaborators, fellow authors, and most importantly, all the readers who’ve bought and downloaded my books. Your support and generous comments and reviews are uplifting and keep me wanting to write even more.
6 – That’s the number of books yet to come out this year, so stick around if you want to see some brand new stuff!
Thanks again and stay safe!
Jamie Davis

2 Replies to “My Fantasy Books and the Numbers 29, 34, and 6!”

  1. Dear Mr Davis. I’ve read all of “Extreme Medical Services” and “The Eldara Sister” series, loved them both very much. I was wondering if your “Broken Throne” series will be on Kobo, as I’d love to read them. Your story telling is awsome, and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Thanks for your time. Happy writing & reading. Sher🐾Bear

    1. The Broken Throne books will be coming to Kobo starting later this month. If you are on my email list, I’ll send out an announcement when the first book moves over. Thanks for reading my books, Sherry. Hearing from folks like you always makes my day!

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