Queen of Avalon

Queen of Avalon

Broken Throne Book 3

Series: Broken Throne

Winnie’s backed into a corner … and she comes out fighting.

The world’s magic continues to fail, but the middlings want their charmed items and Sable more than ever. They can feel the future coming—a future when the magic will be gone forever.

Dust storms continue to pummel the cities up and down the eastern coast of the United Americas. The outer limits are a barren wasteland as magic continues to suck the natural world dry.

It’s been a year and a half since Winnie took over as the head Sable trader for Baltimore and New Amsterdam. With the Philly boss joining her, the East Coast is hers. Winnie finally has a chance to unite the entire nation.

But when news of Director Kane’s new Project X comes her way, Winnie must quickly escalate her plans, or else risk the lives of millions.

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