Mended Throne

Mended Throne

Broken Throne Book 5

Series: Broken Throne

Three months have passed since the battle with Nils Kane. Winnie and her friends extricated themselves from the Fort Brick ruins, retreating to a mountain stronghold to the west.

Kane’s willingness to unleash such utter destruction left Winnie with no choice but to use the ultimate power of the talisman and summon the dragons.

Now they are everywhere in the mountains, hundreds of the beasts, all awaiting Winnie’s command to attack.

Once Kane discovers that Winnie is still alive, he moves forward with a plan to flush Winnie and her rebels out of hiding by attacking her city.

Baltimore becomes a target for Kane’s armed forces and Fell beasts, who will stop at nothing to empty Earth of every living thing.

Winnie, her Dusters, and the dragons, are this planet’s only hope.

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