Field Trip Fae

Field Trip Fae

By Jamie Davis

Series: Uncle Chip Saves the Fae

Kids grow up so fast… and all magic-y. Can he keep a pesky phantom from pushing them all into danger?

Uncle Chip Proctor hopes he has already seen it all. Though still struggling with his co-guardian over the proper way to raise orphaned Fae royalty, he tries to make his late brother proud every day. But when his niece uses her blossoming powers during a soccer game, he jumps in to cover up in front of the other mundane adults.

Rose Eldersdottir can’t stand her human partner’s lackadaisical approach to parenting the future queen. And the warrior-princess aunt isn’t about to shirk her duties in developing her charge’s abilities—despite the occasional mishap. But when a visit to Maryland’s capital leads to the young girl accidentally raising the ghost of her ancestor, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation.

Trying to run damage control in Annapolis, Chip works with his enchanted sister-in-law to conceal the source of the spell. While Rose worries that if they don’t keep the super-excited apparition from attracting unwanted attention, they might draw the eye of a deadly enemy.

Can this mismatched team agree on the rules of survival?

Field Trip Fae is the humorous third book in the Uncle Chip Saves the Fae urban fantasy series. If you like character-driven adventures, amusing clashes, and curious mysteries, then you’ll love Jamie Davis’s action-packed tale.

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