By Jamie Davis

Series: Uncle Chip Saves the Fae

He thought witch nannies and magical mayhem were the big baddies… until he runs into the paranormal PTA.

Uncle Chip Proctor believes he has the hang of this raising-kids thing. Settling into his role as the human stay-at-home dad for two enchanted wards, the former financial exec is still learning to navigate a newly discovered world. But when the little future queen enters first grade, he’s alarmed when his partner-in-parenthood spots a dangerous Fae hunter on the prowl.

Rose Eldersdottir doesn’t need another headache. Yet when her niece starts school and the president of the PTA is not only Fae nobility but the mean girl who bullied her as a teenager, the stern warrior princess braces for a fight. And with the youngster’s powers beginning to manifest, keeping the six-year-old safe threatens to become impossible.

With a fox-shifter in the backyard and a flirty supernatural single mother on a manhunt, Chip worries he’s in over his head. And as Rose battles ever-escalating attacks on her family, she struggles to believe she can keep the children alive.

Can this unlikely pair stand strong against menacing foes, vampire lords, and helicopter moms?

Fae PTA is the light-hearted second book in the Uncle Chip Saves the Fae urban fantasy series. If you like fun characters, action-packed surprises, and humorous reads, then you’ll love Jamie Davis’s schoolyard shenanigans.

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