G Clatworthy and the Omensford series on Podcast Episode 201

This is the Books and Authors Fantasy and Sci-Fi Podcast Episode 201 with author G Clatworthy.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Books and Authors Fantasy and Sci-Fi Podcast! Co-hosted by Jamie Davis and Scott Walker, this podcast is exactly what the title says it is: a show focused on SF&F books and the authors creating them!

We’ll cover Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and everything in between. Expect to find the best and brightest authors from all corners of the SF&F book world. Plus, we’ll add in a few other very special guests as well along the way.

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Our guest this week is author Gemma Clatworthy, who writes under the name G Clatworthy.

Author Gemma Clatworthy

G Clatworthy started writing during the 2020 lockdown (her first book was called The Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears, which tells you all you need to know about lockdown!). She soon switched to urban fantasy and she loves mixing the magical with the mundane, especially if it involves dragons! She lives in Wiltshire, UK with her family and two cats. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing board games, drinking tea and eating chocolate.

G Clatworthy also writes children’s books as Gemma Clatworthy.

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