How Often Do You Get To Be A Hero?

It’s a serious question. Even during my career as a paramedic, truly heroic action moments were few and far between.

Well, not today! Today you CAN be a hero.

Today you have a chance to keep an 80-year-old grandmother from getting kicked out of her house. You get to become one of the Hellcats trying to save her family home, the only home she’s ever known.

What’s it take to be a Hellcat? It’s simple.

Pick up a copy of the Hellcats Anthology, or read it in Kindle Unlimited.

Inside are sixty-nine (yes, 69) short stories by some amazing authors from a variety of genres, all writing stories about what being a Hellcat means to them. Each story is found nowhere else but this anthology.

Birth of a Were-Cat-Medic Promotional ImageI wrote an exclusive short story from the Extreme Medical Services world. If features Leah Casado, a member of the Unusual community looking to get out of inheriting a criminal empire. That story, which you will find nowhere else, is called Birth of a Were-Cat Medic.

Leah is a new character in the upcoming book, The Paramedic’s Amazon, coming in October. The short story in the Hellcats Anthology gives you an exclusive look at her origins and why she joins the team at Station U.

So click now and get the Hellcats Anthology and read Birth of a Were-Cat Medic.

While you’re at it, save a woman’s home from a predatory nephew.

Be the Hero in this real life story. Become a Hellcat with me.