The Paramedic’s Hunter Released Today

The Paramedic's HunterThe Paramedic’s Hunter is available now for sale on all eBook platforms. The story follows paranormal paramedic Dean Flynn in a new story arc. His angel girlfriend Ashley is missing and Dean is told only he and two other, unknown accomplices can rescue her. First, he has to find these two helpers based only on a mysterious prophecy. Then Dean must go on the quest to rescue her with two strangers.

The non-stop action takes us in a different direction than the other books. One of the early readers called it “the best Extreme Medical Services book yet!” Get it now on your favorite eBook platform below. link (a free eReader app for all mobile platforms)

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Book Description

Demons, Mortal Enemies, and a Shared Quest!

Paranormal paramedic Dean Flynn doesn’t know he’s being hunted by demons. Demon hunter Jaz Errington hunts the creatures he heals? In this case opposites do not attract.

When paramedic and hunter are thrown together on a quest to rescue a kidnapped angel, who also happens to be Dean’s missing girlfriend, sparks fly. Throw in a powerful teenaged witch to join the quest, and they have a recipe for disaster, not a rescue.

Join the hunt with “The Paramedic’s Hunter,” book 4 in the Extreme Medical Services series. Follow the continuing tale of paranormal paramedic Dean Flynn and series newcomer Jaz Errington as they take on the forces of evil in Elk City. Click and buy “The Paramedic’s Hunter” now!