Writing Fiction in a Universe With Broad Expansion Opportunities

Ashley Moore Angel and NurseOne of the things I’m realizing as I continue to write the Extreme Medical Services series is that this world has limitless potential for stories. Each book inspires me to create interesting characters for the Dean and Brynne to run into. My creation of James Lee, Brynne’s vampire boyfriend inspired me to write the Prequel novella The Vampire and the Paramedic. The addition of Ashley Moore inspired the latest novel in the series, The Paramedic’s Angel.  Gibbie, the frumpy middle-aged vampire patient, figures more prominently in the new book I’m writing now (hopefully to be released by June 1st).

You all, the fans of the books leave me messages on Facebook or in your reviews that you want more of these interesting characters in future stories, or perhaps even stories or series of their own. I wanted to let you know that I hear you and there are plans for at least one big spin-off series after I finish this initial run and storyline with Dean, Brynne, James, and Ashley. Keep your inspirational ideas coming and I’ll keep trying to meet the demand and write you great stories in this unique world. Thank you all for your support!

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