Summer of Magic Anthology Is a Fun Summer Read

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Summer of Magic AnthologyI got the chance to participate in a short story anthology called the Summer of Magic earlier this spring and the resulting book was released in June to the Amazon and Kindle Unlimited readers.

I used the opportunity to connect with readers using an original short story in the Extreme Medical Services series. It features Dean Flynn as a new paramedic with Brynne Garvey on a motor vehicle accident ambulance call where one of the patients is a very special sort of Unusual creature.

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Other authors in the anthology include Wren Cavanagh, Art DeForest, Andrew Dobell, Lee Hayton, Andrea Drew, and Nicole Zoltack. All their stories are excellent reads and I heartily recommend them to you.

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Participating in an Anthology for Authors

Other authors asked me about my experience participating in the anthology and would I do it again. My answer is a resounding yes!

I did have to work an additional project into my production schedule but it was only a short story and I was able to put the time aside to write it in time for the author submission deadline in April of this past year.

Wren Cavanagh, the author who organized the anthology worked with each of us on our submissions and did a great job of compiling the ebook into a beautiful volume for us all to be proud of.

I urge other authors to look at this as a method to expose your existing books to new readers through a short story using your characters. I found the whole experience fun and it allowed me to explore topics and situations I had not explored in my series.


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