The Trouble With Magic (for your weekend reading) – Jamie Davis

The Trouble With Magic (for your weekend reading)

While you’re waiting for my next book release, I thought you might be looking for another book to read.
Here’s one I just heard about from another author friend of mine named Trudi. I think you’ll like it.
AND… it’s just 99¢ (For a limited time)
Enjoy, have a great weekend, and get ready for more great books to share soon.
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The Trouble With Magic

(The Elemental Witch Series Book 1)

The Trouble With Magic Book CoverI didn’t quit being a witch…

It was more like getting fired.

But now witches are dying, and my unstable magic might be the only way to catch a supernatural killer.

Problem is, using my power is forbidden, and the witch council’s punishment will be worse than death.

Throw in a pack of demonic dogs, a chicken with a grudge, and a hot detective who wants to lock me up, and there’s no way I’ll survive the week.

If I do, things are going to get crazy…


If your favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer character was Dark Willow, and you think the best Harry Potter spells were the unforgiveable curses, you’ll love The Elemental Witch Series. One-click The Trouble Of Magic to start your magical journey now.

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