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Awesome Audiobooks At A Discount (Or Even FREE)

I was chatting with my friend JM Bannon about his latest project. He’s working on creating audiobooks for his groundbreaking Alchemists steampunk fantasy series. He describes them this way:

 “The stories are set in an alternative universe very similar to ours, but magnificent steam-powered machines and magic exist. In this 19th century, three powerful Guilds vie for power behind the scenes,  our heroine and her eclectic group find themselves using their unique skills to solve thrilling mysteries.”

He’s even put together a kickstarter for the project with some pretty awesome perks and bonuses (including a custom musical soundtrack for the series). I jumped on right away to support it and told him I’d love to help out in spreading the word. He offered to do a special contest for the last week of the program and giveaway 5 free audiobook versions of my Accidental Thief Audiobook (a 15.99 value) to help feature my new audiobook store at

Here are the contest details to be eligible to win the free ebook from JM Bannon’s Kickstarter:

Everyone who pledges to JM Bannon’s Alchemists Audiobook Kickstarter project will get one entry in the drawing for every dollar pledged to the Kickstarter campaign.

Check out and support the Alchemists Audiobook Kickstarter Campaign here.

No purchase is necessary to enter. You can also share the audiobook store link on your social media channel like Twitter or Facebook and email JM a screenshot. For every time you share and email him until Sunday 3/10/19, you’ll get one entry in the contest. 

Share this link to my Author’s Direct Store on social media and take a screenshot:

Email the screenshot to JM Bannon at

That’s it and you’re entered for a chance to win the Accidental Thief audiobook valued at $15.99.

Don’t miss out – Enter now!


Don’t forget…

Cyber’s Change is coming soon. Get your preorder locked in at just 99¢!

She was raised to fear them. But now she’s become her own worst enemy… 

America, 2055. Cass is equal parts excited and nervous to leave her Sapiens Movement enclave. Stepping away from her technologically-conservative family for the first time, she sets off for college with dreams of saving humanity. But as the Sapiens girl falls for her cybernetically-enhanced roommate, her deeply programmed beliefs begin to glitch…

Confused in a world that no longer makes sense, Cass barely registers the horrific accident that leaves her near death. When she wakes up, she discovers the same technology she’s always hated is the only thing keeping her alive. No longer purely human, Cass questions everything she thought she knew about good and evil. 

As tensions between man and machine head for a meltdown, Cass must choose a side before the conflict turns deadly…

Cyber’s Change is the first book in the heartfelt Sapiens Run cyberpunk trilogy. If you like strong female characters, dystopian futures, and exploring what it means to be human, then you’ll love Jamie Davis’s thought-provoking novel.




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