The Eldara Sister Series is a historical fantasy spinoff series from the Extreme Medical Services Series. While the ExMS series is set in a contemporary urban fantasy setting, the Eldara Sister Series is set throughout history during key moments where nursing and health care were advanced.

Nightingale's AngelThe first Eldara Sister book is the Nightingale’s Angel. Set in 1850’s Crimea during the Crimean War, it features immortal angel and healer Ashley Moore as she arrives to help her contemporary colleague Florence Nightingale take care of a sudden surge in vampire attacks on the nearby battlefields.

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Book 2 in the Eldara Sister Series is the Blue and Gray Angel. It brings angel Ashley Moore forward six years to the American Civil War era in the United States. Here she discovers that Unusuals, the creatures of myth and legend living among their human neighbors, might be interfering in the human civil war. She decides she must take action and stop what might turn into a war between humans and Unusuals.

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