Thanksgiving and Having Awesome Reader Fans – Jamie Davis

Thanksgiving and Having Awesome Reader Fans

It’s been a busy month and I’m digging in to finish Accidental Mage by the end of the month. That said, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to you. Many authors say how awesome their readers are but I know I’m super lucky to have a reader like you.

It’s Thanksgiving this week and you come in right after my family and closest friends on my list of people I’m thankful for. Have you put your list together? If not you should. It helps me see all the people who impacted my life in a positive way over the last year.

As a thank you, I’m redoubling my efforts and committing to releasing 12 books next year even though that writing pace is a bit daunting. I heard from readers like you that they like getting my books more frequently so I’m investing in some technology options to improve my writing speed and output.

More on that in a future email. I might even include a picture of my new writing rig.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the Accidental Thief (book 1 in my Accidental Traveler series) you should check it out.

I’ll be wrapping up that trilogy with book three (Accidental Mage) in December.

If you start now, you’ll be ready for book 3 when it comes out.

More books you might enjoy –

Searching for your next favorite story?

Check out this series by Joe Nassise with book one The Heretic: A Templar Chronicles Urban Fantasy Thriller (Book 1)

Forget what you’ve been told. Monsters DO exist. And they’re hungry.

Cade Williams knows this all too well. Several years ago, an encounter with a fallen angel known as the Adversary resulted in the death of Cade’s wife, Gabrielle, and left him scarred, body and soul.

Now, as a modern Templar knight and leader of the Echo Team, one of the elite combat units in the Templar hierarchy, he works to protect those who cannot defend themselves from the darkness and what lies within.

Buy The Heretic and join the war against the supernatural today!

Here are the rest of my books!

Some of you may not have caught up with my other series yet. You can visit my website for links to get the rest of the books I’ve written. You can also scroll down and check out links to all my books at the bottom of this email.

Follow me on BookBub! It’s a great way to keep up on new book releases (and it helps me get great promo opportunities to share my books at deep discounts for readers).

Click the link below and follow my author page there!


Jamie Davis


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