Accidental Mage Update, Free Urban Fantasy Books, and More!

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I wanted to drop you all a message with an update on progress with Accidental Mage (Book 3 of the Accidental Traveler series). I finished the first draft of the book this morning, officially wrapping up the trilogy featuring Hal Dix and his adventures in Fantasma. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the final chapters because, well – spoilers, you know.

Still, it’s great to be moving forward with the project. Now my first draft goes to my co-author (and son) C.J. Davis for his adjustments and edits. Then it’ll come back to me for a final pass before the editor. Hopefully, we’ll have it out before the end of December.

Fingers crossed!!!

Have you left a review of the other two books in the series yet? I love to read reviews from readers like you. If you haven’t reviewed books 1 and 2 yet, here are the links:

Accidental Thief

Accidental Warrior

While you’re waiting for the next book to come out here’s a new book from a friend of mine who just released their new LitRPG book.

Check out Quest for Camlan (Camlan Realm Book 1):

The game is life.

Asher Duncan lives for the hours he spends in Toterra Online, his favorite MMORPG. His job and apartment are barely worth noticing, but he logs into the game and all that fades away. When Toterra Online announces the Camlan Challenge and chance to win one of only twelve spots in their newest game, Asher is determined to beat them all, even if it means quitting his job to play.

Camlan Realm is full of all of the best parts of a fantasy game — goblins, mysterious loot, magic spells — and if it weren’t for his constant obsession with the Camlan Challenge leaderboard, Asher could just play.

But once logged in, Asher realizes that playing against both the game and the other eleven gamers might be more than he is ready for.

He’s put everything on the line just to be here. Can Asher compete against both the professional gamers and the game’s own trials to win the Camlan Challenge and not lose it all?

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  1. Marion says:

    Hey Mr Writer =)

    Is there a chance to lay hands on Accidental Mage this week? I die to know how it goes on =)

    Can we make a Deal? You hurry up to publish it and I write real comments on the other two books except the 5 stars i allready put on them?^^

    Thanks and have a merry Christmas

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