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Get Accidental Duelist LitRPG Swashbuckler Discounted Today Only

I wanted to drop you a quick message with an update on progress for the soon to be released Accidental Champion series. This is the much-anticipated follow-up series to the Accidental Traveler trilogy, Accidental ThiefAccidental WarriorAccidental Mage.

The awesome photo shoot for the new book covers went off without a hitch. We took 188 photos of our model in various poses with and without assorted swords and daggers. It was very cool. Stay tuned for more cover reveals soon. (hint: the first one is seen below)

The first cover is ready to go, and the book Accidental Duelist will be ready for release today. I wanted to offer a special price on the book. You can get it for just 99ยข for one day only on Friday, March 23rd, 2018!

Accidental DuelistA Lost Princess and the Swashbuckling Game of a Lifetime

Cari Dix didn’t know her whole life was a lie, she only knew she didn’t belong here. Growing up with the most ordinary parents ever, all Cari wanted was a life of adventure and a little bit of fun.

When she discovers an old, restored computer from her father’s past, Cari stumbles into a fantasy game world she’d always thought a part of her childhood imagination. Taking her combat fencing skills with her, she sets out to explore a world her parents said didn’t exist.

Come along and play the game. Join Cari in this swashbuckling LitRPG adventure, returning to the world of Fantasma once again.

This is the first book in a brand new fantasy trilogy picking up where the Accidental Traveler series left off.

Play along with Cari as she fights to save the last of the Empire’s heirs and carries on the legend her father left behind.

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