Finishing Up One Book and Starting on Another – a Writer’s Life

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I’m working hard to finish up Stolen Destiny, book four in my soon to be released Broken Throne series. There will be five books total in this series and it is slated to release beginning this coming June if all goes as planned. I hope to finish this book by next week at this time which is when I’ll start working on the short story I talked about last week.

Thanks for all the great ideas. I heard from so many of you both here and over on my author Facebook page. If you aren’t already following me there, check out the link to the Jamie Davis Books Facebook page here. I’ll be posting updates like this there plus extras like cover reveals and more. It’s also a great place to ask me questions and check in with other readers about what they like about my books, too.


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In the mean time…

Try doing something to help someone out in some way today. Did you know that when you help someone it released endorphins in YOUR brain? Yep, helping people feels good for a reason and is a great way to dig yourself out of the doldrums. So do something nice for someone random today!

Talk with you all next week!

Fresh Hell: An Uncanny Kingdom Urban Fantasy is a story edited by my friend Matt Stott.

A skinned woman bobbing in a canal.
A demon on the loose.
Somebody has to take it down, and that somebody is me.
Just one problem… I’m already dead.

My name is Jake Fletcher and I’m en ex-exorcist. No, I didn’t stutter. Once upon a time I evicted ghosts for a living, at least until I got killed and became one. Now I roam the streets of London as a phantom, offering my services to lost souls trapped between this world and the next.

This is no open and shut case though. The ghost of the skinned woman needs my help to pass on to the other side, and that means bringing a demon to justice.

My name is Jake Fletcher. There’s a monster on my patch, and I’m going to send it back to hell.

Ghosted is a series from The Uncanny Kingdom Urban Fantasy Universe.

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