Racing Game for the Past, Present and Future

KDP-Cover DesignJamie has two non-fiction titles currently. One is related to his love of miniatures gaming. You can find it at It is a fun set of tabletop gaming rules that allow you to race anything against each other. The Future Race game system was modeled after both the ancient chariot races seen in movies like Ben Hur and the pod races seen in Star Wars: Episode One. Buy Future Race for a fun family game enjoyed by all!

Medication Dosing Math Made Simple

Med-Math-flat1Med Math Simplified is the study guide for medical professionals and students to help them calculate medication doses safely and efficiently. A must-have tool for the student nurse or paramedic, the Med Math Simplified system is a step-by-step┬áprocess for arriving at the right dose every time and safely managing your patient. For those who need more, there’s the Med Math Simplified video tutorial available here.

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