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The Charm Runner

With magic banned and now against the law, one chanter has a spell that could change everything …

Winnie Durham just wants is to run an honest business selling magical items at her beloved store, Charmed, so she can take care of her mother’s declining health. But when a law is passed outlawing magic, Winnie must find a new way to make a living, and fast.

The first book, The Charm Runner, follows the life of a young 18-year-old spell caster, Winnie Durham, as she copes with the sudden illegal nature of her abilities.

Get The Charm Runner and look for the rest of the Broken Throne series coming soon later this summer and fall of 2017.

Prophecy's Child Cover

Prophecy’s Child

An old prophecy, an ancient talisman, and a young girl with the fate of the world in her hands …

After destroying the Harvester and suffering too many personal losses to count, Winnie Durham wants nothing more than a return to her normal life. But with Charmed permanently closed and the cost of her mother’s medicine rising, Winnie’s only choice is to continue running charms for crime lord, Artos Merrilyn.

But word of Winnie’s magical abilities is spreading fast, and the head of the New Amsterdam Sable trade wants Winnie to work for him. And that boss won’t take No for an answer.

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Queen of Avalon book cover

Queen of Avalon

Winnie’s backed into a corner … and she comes out fighting.

The world’s magic continues to fail, but the middlings want their charmed items and Sable more than ever. They can feel the future coming—a future when the magic will be gone forever.

Dust storms continue to pummel the cities up and down the eastern coast of the United Americas. The outer limits are a barren wasteland as magic continues to suck the natural world dry.

When news of Director Kane’s new Project X comes her way, Winnie must quickly escalate her plans, or else risk the lives of millions.

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Stolen Destiny - Book 4 in Broken Throne SeriesLong forgotten good battles ultimate evil.

An evil far greater than man has returned, and there’s only one person who can heal the world and repair its failing magic.

After facing impossible odds and reclaiming Excalibur, Winnie Durham seeks the Lady of the Lake to return the talisman. But the Lady has other plans.

“Rise, Guinevere, Queen of Avalon, and take back your blade,” the Lady said. “The time has not yet come for you to return Excalibur. There is more to be done, more for you to do.”

Only a descendent of Merlin can answer Excalibur’s call, so Winnie’s quest continues.

And the entire world’s survival depends on her.

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Coming Oct 31st, 2017!

The final chapter in the Broken Throne series.

Mended Throne - book 5 in Broken Throne series

This is the first series written in collaboration with the team at Sterling and Stone for their Legendary imprint.