Writing on Pain Meds – Recovering From Surgery

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Well, I’m back so that means I survived my gastric bypass surgery last week. Now, almost a week later, I’m only taking over-the-counter pain meds and using a heating pad for pain. I want to give a sincere thank you to all of you who responded to last week’s email with prayers and wishes for […]

Nightingale's Angel

Upcoming Surgery Means a Time for Change

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Hi, everyone. I’m checking in with the weekly update for you and some reading suggestions between my book releases. I finished up the fourth book in my upcoming Broken Throne urban fantasy series, due out this coming June. That gives me a brief break while I have surgery that’s been on the horizon for some […]

Finishing Up One Book and Starting on Another – a Writer’s Life

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I’m working hard to finish up Stolen Destiny, book four in my soon to be released Broken Throne series. There will be five books total in this series and it is slated to release beginning this coming June if all goes as planned. I hope to finish this book by next week at this time […]

I Need Your Help – Who to Write About Next?

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I need your help and I hope you’ll reply to this with your thoughts and ideas. I was recently asked to write a short story for an Urban Fantasy anthology. There will be at least eleven stories in the book when it’s released in the beginning of June. The question I have for you is […]

Reading Through The Blizzard – Some Free and Discounted Books

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I’m working through the blizzard. The thing about working from home is you have no excuses. You can’t blame the weather for not getting the writing done. So I will be continuing on with writing book 4 of the upcoming Broken Throne series. The working title of this one is Stolen Destiny. Stay tuned for more updates on […]

The Paramedic’s Nemesis is Available Now!

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The latest in the Extreme Medical Services series is now out for you all to read. The Paramedic’s Nemesis is book 6 in the series and continues to follow Dean Flynn on his adventures as a paramedic for the creatures of myth and legend. This book also features the return of paramedic-turned-vampire Brynne Garvey as she struggles […]

The Nightingale’s Angel is Released

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An Angel, a Valkyrie, and a Vampire Army in the 1850’s Crimea. The Nightingale’s Angel Someone is harvesting souls from the battlefields of the Crimea, turning dying soldiers into a vampire army. The leaders of nearby Constantinople are calling in the hunter clans to cleanse the area of the threat, even if it means killing […]

The Paramedic’s Witch is Here!

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Hi everybody, I have good news for you! The Paramedic’s Witch (Extreme Medical Services book 5) is here! books2read.com/tpwitch The book follows more of the story of Dean Flynn and his new found family relationships with Jaz Errington and their teenage daughter from the future, Jo the teen witch. Here’s the description from the back […]

Ingrid Brunette with katana sword, fineart concept

Nightingale’s Angel Excerpt 1

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Here’s an excerpt from another work in progress. This is from a short book (novella) I’m working on called The Nightingale’s Angel. It follows the exploits of the Eldara twins Ingrid and Ashley during the Crimean War in the 1850’s. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek. —- Ingrid banked and swooped lower over the […]

Extreme Medical Services Series Now On Google Play Bookstore

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I’m excited to announce that the books in the Extreme Medical Services series are now on the Google Play Bookstore. All four books in the series so far and the prequel novella are available today to read on your Android devices. Check out the links below Extreme Medical Services book 1 The Paramedic’s Angel book 2 The […]