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One Week From Mended Throne Release – Get Caught Up Now!

We are just one week away from the release of Mended Throne, the exciting finale of the Broken Throne series.

Broken Throne Urban Fantasy SeriesIf you haven’t caught up, there’s still time to do so before the final book comes out on Oct 31st! Click here to get the first four books in the series.

With magic banned, one chanter has a spell that could change everything …

Winnie Durham just wants to make an honest living selling magical items at her beloved store, Charmed, so she can afford to take care of her mother. But when Resolution 84 outlaws magic, Winnie must find a new way to make a living—and fast.

Caught between the law, her mother’s escalating medical bills, and a vow to never deal in the dark magic of the Sable trade, Winnie is given an opportunity that’s too good to refuse…and hurled into a world that puts her at odds with everything she thought she stood for.

Can Winnie stay ahead of the law long enough to discover the real reason magic was banned?

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Jamie Davis


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coming soon:
Mended Throne (Oct 31)


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