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I’m excited to announce the new anthology of some amazing short stories by a group of Urban Fantasy authors I know.

In it you’ll find a new story about Dean Flynn and Brynne Garvey from my Extreme Medical Services books. It takes place early in Dean’s paramedic career with the team at Station U.

There are seven great stories in all and it’s only 99¢ if you preorder it now.

Scroll down, too, and see some other excellent offerings for your summer reading pleasure that are available now. Stock up on some good books!

99¢ PreOrder on Amazon!

Summer of Magic Urban Fantasy AnthologySummer of Magic urban fantasy short story collection

For a limited time enjoy the tales of talented writers who love and share their passion for Urban Fantasy including my short story in the Extreme Medical Services series world featuring paramedic Dean Flynn, supervisor Brynne Garvey, vampire James Lee and some extra surprise guests.

In addition to my short story you’ll also find:

Monster by Art DeForest
Uprising by Andrew Dobell
The First Impritn by Lee Hayton
Gypsy’s Ghost by Andrea Drew
How to Fuel Your Revenge by Nicole Zoltack
Goblin’s Ammends by Wren Cavanagh

We have werewolves, psychics, magic, shifters, fae, demons, vampires, goblins and much more!

So jump in! Take us to the beach, to the mountains. Take to work, what’s better than a good read during your lunch hour, or even to the dentist. We’ll keep you company & entertain you while you try not to think of that drill. While you wait for the tooth fairy do its thing, with a modern steel bit.

Other Reading Suggestions for this week:

Check out this book by Lisa Blackwood – Sorceress at War (a Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale book 4)

Sorceress at War bookWar is coming. The Lady of Battles will have it no other way.

Lillian and Gregory fear the demi-goddess is already moving her pawns and dark knights into place, preparing for the first strike. Earth must be ready, but first Lillian needs to ensure that the uneasy alliance between the Fae and the human military does not fail. Every ally is needed if earth is to have any hope of surviving the coming war.

As fate draws friends and enemies closer together, one new player has appeared unexpectedly—Lillian’s new doppelganger clone. She isn’t certain if it’s pure, old-fashioned jealousy or something more sinister that has her watching the newly cloned Sorceress with distrust, but the fact remains that her doppelganger’s allegiance remains mysterious.

For the good of the alliance, Lillian needs to find out if this new sorceress is on their side, playing for the Battle Goddess, or if she has an agenda of her own—one that no one can predict.


 Get the rest of the ExMS series!

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Jamie Davis


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