Upcoming Surgery Means a Time for Change

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Hi, everyone. I’m checking in with the weekly update for you and some reading suggestions between my book releases. I finished up the fourth book in my upcoming Broken Throne urban fantasy series, due out this coming June. That gives me a brief break while I have surgery that’s been on the horizon for some time. I had to schedule it between my conference trips so it had to be here at the beginning of April.

I should only be out of commission for three or four days, so I hope to be back writing on a short story project and the final Broken Throne novel by the middle of next week. I’m trying to not overdo things but I don’t do well sitting around and doing nothing. I figure even if I am not fully recovered, I will still want to accomplish something and working on my laptop shouldn’t interfere with things or add to post-surgical pain.

I’ll try and drop another newsletter next week to let you know if I’m still alive or you can follow me on Twitter (@podmedic) to see any updates I might post from the hospital in the haze of pain killers. 🙂


If you’ve finished the main Extreme Medical Services series, Don’t forget the side story about Eldara Sister Ashley Moore’s past The Nightingale’s Angel out now wherever you buy books and ebooks.

In the mean time…

Try doing something to help someone out in some way today. Did you know that when you help someone it released endorphins in YOUR brain? Yep, helping people feels good for a reason and is a great way to dig yourself out of the doldrums. So do something nice for someone random today!

Talk with you all next week!

Other Reading Suggestions:

Alight (Legacy of Flames Book 1) by Emma L. Adams

It’s not easy being one of the last living dragon shifters in London.

Two years ago, when the faeries attacked the mortal realm, all supernaturals were dragged into the open. Unfortunately for dragon shifters like Ember and her sister, dragons are still hunted by humans and supernaturals alike. Keeping a low profile is difficult with monsters roaming the streets, but Ember and her band of rogue shifters have managed to survive.

Until their oldest enemy, the supernatural-hunting Orion League, emerges from the shadows and captures Ember’s sister.

To get her back, Ember is prepared to walk into the depths of London’s magical underworld, even if it means kidnapping a lethal ex-hunter who’d like nothing better than to add her name to his kill list. His inside knowledge of the League is the key to saving her sister, but with their allies turning on them, Ember must choose who to trust or meet the same end as the other dragon shifters.


Check out this collection of some awesome teen (and adult) friendly books!

There are a variety of genres and some of them are from my best author buddies.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


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Jamie Davis


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