Back Into Writing Full Time – A Thanks to the Readers!

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Getting back into the regular routine now that I’m into the second week following my surgery. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and emails of support during my recovery. You all are the best readers in the world! For my current projects, here’s what I’ve been up to and planning for the next cycle.

Jumping into the final book in the Broken Throne series, due out this summer. I’m so excited to be working and collaborating alongside Sean Platt on this series. He’s helping behind the scenes and my writing is improving because of his amazing input.

This five book series is going to be released in quick succession once the first book comes out so those of you who read fast shouldn’t have to wait too long once you get a taste.

I’ve also been journaling ideas for the 7th book in the Extreme Medical Services series. It’s always fun revisiting the adventures of Dean Flynn and his friends!

If you’ve finished the main Extreme Medical Services series, Don’t forget the side story about Eldara Sister Ashley Moore’s past The Nightingale’s Angel out now wherever you buy books and ebooks.

In the mean time…

Is there someone you need to make amends with, maybe from something done a long time ago? Make the decision to reach out to them and offer them an apology. No one needs to carry that kind of karma around with them, especially you!

Talk with you all next week!

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 Get the rest of the ExMS series!

Some of you may not have caught up with my whole series yet. You can visit my website for links to get the rest of the Extreme Medical Services series at your favorite eBook store.

Click Here to Get All the Extreme Medical Services Books!

Follow me on BookBub! It’s a great way to keep up on new book releases (and it helps me get great promo opportunities to share my books at deep discounts for readers).

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Jamie Davis


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